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Fundraising Direct Mailers


The best source of new leads to gain donors to contribute to your fundraising events is by locating past donors who have contributed to other campaigns. We at DCMG can help you locate these donors through our accurate fundraising direct mail services. Our professional brokers are adept at providing you with mailing lists that have high sales conversion value from reliable sources. Our team constantly updates names, addresses and contact details of all potential direct mail fundraising donors ensuring that your direct mailers generate high sales responses.

At DCMG we specialize in direct mail service, direct mail design, fundraising mailing lists, response tracking and bulk mail preparation. We provide customers with exceptional service and rapid turn-around-times on direct mail marketing projects over the last 10+ years. Our clients really love the one-stop-shop capability we offer and our attention to all the details. Whether you are a seasoned professional or brand new to direct mail, we can help.

DCMG specializes in high speed turn-around-times for direct mail projects of all types. Everything is done under one roof so we have complete control over your entire job. No more waiting for the envelopes, letterhead, mailing list or postcards to arrive from the printer, we print them all at DCMG. Average time for us to turn around a mailing job under 100,000 pieces is about 2 to 3 business days! That includes printing, data processing, addressing & direct mail services. It's all about meeting your timelines and we know that. We will help you with every step of your mailing project so you don't have to work with multiple vendors. With the help of our direct mailer service your company would save time, money and a lot of frustration.

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